The journal ISSUES ON HISTORY OF EDUCATION publishes mainly Greek and, in some cases, also foreign-language contributions from the area of the history of education. The length of each contribution should not exceed 18 pages (including bibliography, eventual notes, etc.); the length of each page should not exceed 30 lines and the length of each line should not exceed 60 characters.


The journal accepts contributions that have not been submitted for publication or have not been published, in whole or in part, in another journal or as autonomous publications. Contributions are submitted electronically. The author’s details are written in a separate file to ensure anonymity when forwarding the work to the reviewers. The text of each contribution must be accompanied by a summary of about 150 words in Greek and English, which must also be submitted in a separate file.
The magazine applies the «double-blind peer review» process for the selection of the contributions. Immediately after receiving a paper, the Editorial Committee (EC) sends one copy to each one of two reviewers. At the same
time, the author is informed about the beginning of the process.
In a reasonable time, the authors will get a first briefing. If all two reviewers declare unanimously whether the contribution is approved for publication or not, EC must follow the decision of the reviewers. Otherwise, in case
of disagreement, the EC decides whether a contribution will be referred to the author for corrections.
In the event that the reviewers or the EC decide to publish the work on the condition that specific corrections are made, the author is obliged to follow the exact suggestions of the reviewers and the EC. The proofreading is
done by the authors themselves, who are therefore obliged –among else– to provide the EC, upon submission of their contributions, with their telephone and fax numbers, as well as with their e-mail address, so that the Publisher can be directly in contact with them for the correction of proofs. Consequently, the author, not the EC or the Publisher, is responsible for any errors in a published text, since the latter do not interfere with the text.


Contributors to the journal are advised to avoid footnotes and use the AngloSaxon reference system instead (the author in brackets, followed by a comma, then the year of publication of the work and, after a comma, the page). Bi bliographic references must be in accordance with the system followed by Comparative Education journal.